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    As a non-profit organization, our goal at Savoy Swing Club is to fill any niches in our community that need filling, and to provide a structural framework to help this community thrive.  When Savoy Swing Club first started hosting a Monday night dance in the late 90’s, the Seattle swing scene was in its infant stages and needed more dance venues.  A combination of great times and tradition has let that dance continue to this day, but with so many other great venues in Seattle, our dance feels more like a competitor and less like a vital community service. With that in mind…

    The Savoy Swing Club is pleased to announce a new direction:  We are switching our focus towards the next generation of Lindy Hoppers.  We will be working to bring quality dance instruction to youth and underserved populations within the larger community, starting with after-school programs but with an eye towards providing Lindy Hop instruction as part of physical education. Our long-term goal is to have swing instruction in every high school and community college in the area, and we’re excited to get started.

    We will still maintain our Monday night lessons – just not the dance. Our last dance will be held September 15th, and we hope you join us to celebrate our venture into a new chapter for Savoy Swing Club.  You can always count on the Savoy Swing Club’s efforts to bring affordable, quality instruction to our community.  For the foreseeable future we will be maintaining our Monday lessons, with a short practicum after class for our students to hone their recently learned material.  We will also continue to offer our workshops, likely on a quarterly basis.

    Our dances will no longer be competing with the community; rather we will be encouraging its growth by acquiring new talent and directing them towards the plethora of quality instructors and great venues that Seattle has to offer.  We would like you to think of the Savoy Swing Club as the deep roots for our “big tree” of a dance-scene; we tap into the larger community and bring in the next generation of dancers continue to grow the Lindy Hop community.

    We would like to thank the countless volunteers and community members that have worked tirelessly to bring you our Monday night dance over the last few decades.  If Savoy Swing Club can see any farther now with our new direction, it is because we have stood on the shoulders of these giants.



    To the future!

    -Savoy Swing Club Board of Directors





Promotional Signup (Groupon, etc)

If you purchased one of our promotional tickets and are curious about registering, please know that all classes start the first monday of the month. Your purchase is good for four sessions, so if you need to start late, please email our classes coordinator at

You can register online here without paying, or you can show up before the first class with your groupon information and we can process you on site.

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Did you know?

Did you know SSC has been around as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit for almost 20 years? January 8, 2013 is the 20-Year Anniversary of Savoy Swing Club.