Vintage Swing Dance in Seattle
  • You can dance 7 nights a week in Seattle!

    Dancers doing the Shim Sham at the Century Ballroom. Just one of the places you can swing dance 7 nights a week in the Seattle area. Photo by Paul Kammer

Our Weekly Sponsored Dance:

  • Savoy Mondays is Back!

    Savoy Swing Club is proud to announce that Savoy Mondays is back! We’re teaming up with the Clubhouse in Queen Anne for a new community dance every Monday night. Our teachers rotate every month, and this month there is beginning class at 6pm, and an intermediate class at 7pm, this month with Sherman Ku And Jennifer Lee
    Afterwards there is a dance from 8-11. The dance is a $5 suggested donation, so bring friends let them check it out for free. We’re all-ages, beginner friendly, and there is plenty of parking.

    6PM Beginner Balboa
    Learn or refine the fundamentals of Balboa. $50/one month of classes. Register below

    7pm Intermediate: Putting the Swing in your bal-swing
    In this class, we’ll spice up your basics moves with the integration of turns, spins and more. $50/one month of classes. Register below

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    Did you know?

    Did you know SSC has been around as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit for almost 20 years? January 8, 2013 is the 20-Year Anniversary of Savoy Swing Club.